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World Languages

Spanish 1 (L100)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Spanish 1)

Prerequisite: None 

Meets the UC/CSU “E” requirement LOTE Level 1           

This introductory course is designed to expose students to the Spanish language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Students will develop basic proficiency in the four modalities of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. There is a strong focus on vocabulary acquisition and verb conjugation as they begin to learn the language. Students will use the four modalities to communicate about themselves, school, family and friends, pastimes, and vacations through direct instruction, interactive review, and technology.

Spanish 2 (L110)  

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Spanish 2)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish 1 or teacher recommendation 

Meets the UC/CSU “E” requirement LOTE Level 2

Spanish 2 begins with a review of skills that the student acquired in Spanish 1.  Students will continue to further develop and improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students will learn new vocabulary and grammar necessary for a more moderate reading and more complex dialogues than Spanish 1.  Students will be provided with a learning environment where they can develop and discover their potential.  They will be exposed to a good amount of Spanish during class and ask to attempt to communicate in the target language frequently. Supplementary materials will be used to enhance the target language.

 Spanish 3 (L115)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Spanish 3)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish 2 or teacher recommendation

Meets the UC/CSU “E” requirement LOTE Level 3           

In Spanish 3 you will learn everything you need to talk, write or read about any topic in every tense in Spanish.  You will engage in daily discussions with your classmates.   You will read a true story about an american newspaper reporter working in Argentina during the Dirty War and other novels. You will interpret films and create video presentations. Spanish levels 1 and 2 are prerequisites for this course.

Spanish 4 (L119)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Spanish 4)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish 3 or teacher recommendation 

Meets the UC/CSU “E” requirement LOTE Level 4+          

In Spanish four you will have daily discussions about what is going on in your life and what goes on in the life of the Spanish speaking community. Create a travel itinerary in Spanish, speak to people from all over Latin America and Spain, read passionate stories, and learn about foods from Mexico.  You will watch heart wrenching films that will help you understand the social injustice and cultural differences between the U.S. Latin America and Spain. You will investigate and read newspaper articles, watch foreign newscast from Latin America and Spain and get to know what is happening around the world today. This class is conducted completely in Spanish

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 (L150)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Span/SpanSpkr )

Prerequisite: None 

Meets the UC/CSU “E” requirement LOTE Level 3 

This beginning level course for fluent native Spanish speakers will help to strengthen the student’s native language with all four modalities of language learning addressed: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. There will be a major focus on grammar, writing, and reading comprehension to strengthen student’s skills. This course is conducted completely in Spanish. The students will learn about other Spanish-speaking countries and their culture, read novels and short stories, poetry, and reflect on their own culture and connection to the language.

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 (L155)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Span/SpanSpkr2)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 or teacher recommendation 

Meets the UC/CSU “E” requirement LOTE Level 4+           

The purpose of this course is to enable students whose heritage language is Spanish to develop, maintain, and enhance proficiency in their heritage language by reinforcing and expanding skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. When students walk into class, they will be entering a world where everyone will speak Spanish. This will be a great experience that will contribute to their ability to understand and speak the language. Students will also continue to develop awareness and understanding of Hispanic cultures, customs, history and current events. This will be done through a variety of sources such as novels, projects, videos, presentations, and interactions with other Spanish students.

French 1 (L200)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: French 1)

Prerequisite: None

Meets the UC/CSU "E" Requirement LOTE Level 1

Voulez-vous parler français? This introductory French course is the perfect way to begin!  You will explore themes such as the café, school life, the city, etc. using authentic materials and media  from the francophone world (39 French-speaking countries) to develop skills in listening, reading and writing.  You will learn to correctly pronounce French words and speak so you don’t sound like a non-native French speaker.  Through activities, games, skits, cultural exchanges and more,  you will acquire vocabulary and grammar skills to be able to ask simple questions and respond to highly-structured and contextualized prompts about your daily life and responsibilities.  Communication in class (student-student and teacher-student) is mostly in French

French 2 (L210)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: French 2)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of French 1 or teacher recommendation

Meets the UC/CSU "E" Requirement LOTE Level 2

Have you ever wanted to stroll the streets of Paris?  After successful completion of French 1, you will expand competence in interpersonal, presentational and interpretive communication in the context of unit themes.  Performance-based assessments, including a virtual tour of Paris, provide opportunities to use French in practiced, familiar situations as well as occasional unfamiliar topics with increasing independence. You will begin to recognize key details and make inferences about the content of authentic sources such as novels, music and films.  Continue your exploration of  French culture around the world in new contexts. Communication in class (teacher-student and student- student) is primarily in French.  Allons-y!

French 3 (L215)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: French 3)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of French 2 or teacher recommendation

Meets the UC/CSU "E" Requirement LOTE Level 3

On continue.  Once you have proven proficiency in  French 1 and 2, you will progress to French 3.  You will begin to use the language practically and creatively to make inquiries, gather information and express opinions.  You will begin to hold expanded conversations on topics ranging from holiday gatherings to daily routines and academic choices.  You will begin to discuss and analyze a sampling of authentic francophone novels, films and music that are relevant to current events. Personalized projects and other activities will introduce you to  a broad-range of grammatical topics and continue to expand your vocabulary base increasing the number and type of situations to which you can function with real audiences.  This class will be conducted in French.

American Sign Language 1 (ASL 1) (L400)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Am Sign Lang 1)

Prerequisite: None 

Meets the UC/CSU “E” requirement LOTE Level 1

 Communicate underwater, through windows, or across far distances.
Admit it, you have wanted to have a secret language with your friends for the longest time, well here is your chance.

ASL is a real language used by the Deaf community and hearing to communicate with hearing babies and even Deaf dogs. 

People learn how to:

  • Sign your name

  • Sign your favorite food

  • Sign opossum, and

  • Ask Nyle DiMarco for his autograph.

You will play games and laugh
And one day you will be able to say: ASL is my superpower! 
alot, but beware, it is a language and like any other, you will also learn grammar and culture.

American Sign Language 2 (ASL 2) (L410)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Am Sign Lang 2)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ASL 1 or teacher recommendation 

Meets the UC/CSU “E” requirement LOTE Level 2

Now you know ASL is a real language... Are you ready for your first Deaf Encounter? Do you have a name sign yet? Have you been to a Deaf event?

Deaf people live their whole lives needing to adjust to the hearing world and with you, now they will not have to! What a useful skill ASL is for teachers, police, politicians, doctors, nurses, lawyers, and just about any profession you decide to enter.

Have fun while learning to::

  • Create CL stories

  • Have full signed conversations  

  • Discuss Deaf community hot topics, and

  • Finally understand what Emmet is saying on Switched at Birth

Although you will still play games and laugh while learning more vocabulary, grammar, and culture… gird yourself for all the intricacies of the language you will be expected to learn and produce.
Remember, it takes hardwork and dedication to hear with your eyes and speak with your hands!

American Sign Language 3 (ASL3) (L420)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Am Sign Lang 3)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ASL 2 or teacher recommendation 

Meets the UC/CSU “E” requirement LOTE Level 3

Did you know by taking ASL you are getting smarter? Well you are! Brain science shows that being bilingual increases cognitive functioning. You linguistic rock star you!!

With ASL being the top third language being used in the U.S., the Deaf Community is growing and ASL is being used by more and more hearing people every single day and Deaf people LOVE-IT!

This year get ready to:

  • Discuss cultural norms

  • Unveil stereotypes

  • Examine the effects of technology on Deaf culture

  • Share your opinions on texts

  • Strengthen your receptive skills so you can finally understand what is going on in those viral ASL videos

Whether you are continuing with ASL to fulfill requirements or because you have a genuine love for the language and culture, you have to admit that Sign Language is pretty handy!

American Sign Language 4 (ASL4) (L430)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Am Sign Lang 4)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of ASL 3 or teacher recommendation 

Meets the UC/CSU “E” requirement LOTE Level 4+

Now that you are officially a signer and on your way to being bilingual. Go ahead, you deserve a moment to appreciate your hard work...

What if you have a Deaf child one day or want to adopt one? Would you raise it oral or manual? If you lose your hearing, will you get a Cochlear Implant? Should Deaf people have the same rights as disabled people?

Be prepared for the future! You never know what's going to happen. You or a family member could one day lose the ability to hear or you could very well have a child or friend who cannot hea.!

This year you will:

  • Examine and debate controversial topics

  • Grow your vocabulary

  • Increase your ability to manipulate the language

  • Interact with Deaf and hearing guest signers, and

  • Be welcomed into Planet Eyeth

Yes, ASL IV is intense and tough but keep calm and sign on!

Last Updated 1.18.18