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Gamers United



Library 3-3:20

Some Fridays after school

"After Hours" Sessions




Wall of Fame


2017-18 Officers


Kevin A.


Dillon T.

Treasurer | Marisa S.

Senate | Thomas H.

2016-17 Officers

President        Licheng M.

Vice-President   Carlos V.

Secretary  |  Kevin A.

Treasurer  |  Brady P.

Senator     |  Darin K.

Officers 2015-2016


Kyle C.



Darin K.

2014 / 15 Officers


President- Kason C.

VP- Brady P.

Treasurer- Kevin C.

Secretary- Zack A.


Founding president

Brady P.

The inaugural year of Gamers United @ MVHS


Gamers United is dedicated to games of all types.  Role Playing Games (RPG), Collectible Card Games (CCG) and Video Games, we love them all!

We host Game Tournaments and weekly game sessions.  Our "After Hours" sessions happen most Fridays in the library from 3 pm to 7 pm.  See the Google Calander and the Remind App to the right.


A variety of Table-Top or Pencil-&-Paper games are underway @ MVHS. 

Mr. Zaitz's Table |  closed table


Havenhold, a colony founded 60 years ago, is under threat...  Are they their own worst enemies?  A home-brew world designed to introduce new and old gamers to stories of intrigue and faction infighting, while playing with concepts of resources and colonization.



Student Tables


Jake's Table  |  closed table

Cavtold has been overrun by orcs and its up to the players to stop them. 


Ashlee's Table  |  open table (except for the last 2 weeks of the campaign)

The Fantasy Medieval world of Torrown, where the wood elf princess has gone missing! It is up to the adventurers (the players) to find her and bring her back safely. 


Shannon's Table  |  closed table

An old map, missing fey creatures, what does it all mean...?

Club Rules

Gamers United; After Hours

Some Fridays From 3-7 pm

in the MVHS Library

(Check our Google Calendar) ---->

Students must adhere to all school rules.

Students must stay in room for the duration of the meeting.

(restroom visits are ok)


Please Pick-up at the Flagpole

promptly at 7.


Class Officers 2018-19


Alex L.


Gage M.

Treasurer | Eric H.

Senate | Will


Steam Community and Discord Server for GU


Learn Magic @ After Hours

Remind App | Gamers United

Remind App | Gamers United