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Welcome to the Attendance Page. We are open from 7:30am - 4:00pm to help with all of your attendance needs. If you get our voicemail when you call our office, please leave a detailed message.  All calls are returned within 24 hours; please remember you have 72 hours to clear an absence.

Thank you from your Attendance Technicians, Patti and Kathy!

(760) 758-6800 x73983

● First and last name of the student
● Date of the absence/late/tardy
● Reason for the absence/late/tardy
● First and last name of the parent/guardian

Attendance Policies
Early Release Policy: To request an early release, call the attendance line two hours in advance. The person picking up the student must be 18 years of age, and they must be listed on the Contacts portion of the Aeries Parent Portal. They also must bring with them a government-issued ID. A confirmation call will be made to the legal guardian or parent prior to release. Student release ends 20 minutes before the end of the school day (on most days student release will end at 2:50 pm).

  • Student drivers: please call the attendance line two hours in advance. A confirmation call will be made to the legal guardian or parent prior to release. Students must provide a valid driver’s license, and sign out at the Attendance office prior to early release.
  •  Government IDs are required for ALL releases (driver’s license, passport, military identification).
  • All students leaving early must be dismissed through the Attendance office, with the exception of sports releases which are done by their teacher.
  • Notes from parents are not accepted.
  • If a student is 18 or over and wants to release themselves, they need to get prior authorization from the Principal to be able to leave campus without parent or guardian approval.
  • Student dismissal ends 20 minutes prior to the end of the school day.

Absence Policy: When a student misses school, a parent/legal guardian must call the Attendance line or submit a legal note to the Attendance office within 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to clear the absence. Students are allowed 10 excused absences per year. If a legal note is provided, it does not count toward the 10 excused absences.

  • A legal note must be provided within 72 hours for each absence after the student has reached 10 or more excused absences.
  • When calling the Attendance line, if you have reached the voicemail, leave a detailed message regarding the reason you are calling, your name, student’s name, spelling of last name, and a telephone number as listed on Aeries Parent Portal. During school hours we retrieve all calls several times throughout the day.
  • Personal days including vacation, weddings, family events, are considered verified unexcused.


Image: Attendance Counts poster
Attendance Technicians

Patti Contreras

760-758-6800 ext. 73983

Kathy Smith
760-758-6800 ext. 73984