Current MVHS Student Transcript Requests

Alumni MVHS Student Transcript Requests

Students and parents can view grades, unofficial transcripts, and graduation status through the Aeries portal at any time.

Only the MVHS Registrar can post credits and grades to the transcript.

Year-long classes are taken in one term on the 4x4 schedule. Each quarter grade is the equivalent of earning a fall semester or a spring semester grade in a traditional school year.

For high school graduation requirements, students earn credit for D grades or higher. To meet college admission requirements, students must earn a C grade or higher. For D or F grades, if a student repeats the same course, the higher grade will replace the lower grade in the GPA calculation although both courses and grades remain on the transcript.

There are three types of GPA on the CCA transcript:

  • Academic GPA 9-12 (weighted/non-weighted) :includes all courses taken in 9-12, except PE and non-college prep courses

  • Academic GPA 10-12 (weighted/non-weighted): includes all courses taken in 10-12, except PE and non-college prep courses

  • Total GPA 9-12 (weighted/non-weighted): includes every course taken in grades 9-12

AP exam and college entrance exam scores are not posted on the VUSD transcript and must be ordered from College Board or ACT.

It is the VUSD policy not to rank students. A GPA distribution is located on the School Profile.

*Please note each college determines its own GPA calculation formula for admission. Check college admission websites for specific information provided directly by the college.