Integrated Math 1 (M651)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Int Math1)

Prerequisite: None

Meets the UC/CSU "C" requirement

This is the 1st course, in a three-course sequence, that combines basic principles of Algebra 1, Geometry, and Statistics. Topics include sequences, linear and exponential functions, constructions, congruence, rigid transformations, systems of equations, function features, interpreting and analyzing data, and inequalities.

This course is required for graduation.

Integrated Math 2 (M655)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Int Math3)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Integrated Math 1

Meets the UC/CSU "C" requirement

This is the 2nd course in the Integrated Math sequence. Topics include geometric proofs, quadratic functions, similarity and congruence, circles, basic trigonometric functions and probability. The structure of the course integrates technology, collaboration with peers, and real-world applications to support content mastery.

Integrated Math 3 (M800)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Int Math 3)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Integrated Math 2

Meets the UC/CSU "C" requirement

Highly recommended for college-bound students (2-year and 4-year). This course completes the Integrated Math sequence as students will continue to expand their understanding of quadratics, inverses, and trigonometry. Students will expand their learning into logarithms, polynomials, and sequences. The content and pace is challenging and rigorous as it develops critical thinking skills in preparation for a fourth year of math.

New course being offered for 2019-2020

Introduction to Data Science (M402)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Intro Data Sci)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Integrated Math 2

Pending UC/CSU "C" requirement

What factors make some people live longer than others? Are more expensive restaurants really better? Is voter fraud a problem? What data would you need to gather to answer these questions, and how would you measure that data to get your answer? Answering real questions in the world involves analyzing data. This course will teach students to think critically about and with data, developing the tools, techniques, and principles for reasoning. Students form their own questions about the world around them, analyze data using multiple methods, and present their findings. Students will be introduced to basic computer programming skills using the language, Pyret, during the research.

Financial Algebra with Applications (M680)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Financial Algeb)

Prerequisite: Completion of Integrated Math 1 and Integrated Math 2 or equivalent

Recommended for 11th - 12th Grade Students Only

Meets the UC/CSU "C" requirement

Are you prepared to handle your financial future? This project-based course explores banking, investing, credit, employment, income taxes, automobile ownership, housing, retirement planning and household budgeting, as it relates to students interests. This course is algebra-based, applications-oriented, and technology-dependent. Upon completion of this course, students will be more knowledgeable of the finances involved in "adulting."

Discrete Mathematics (M695)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Discrete Math)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Integrated Math 3 or Financial Algebra or Introduction to Data Science

Meets the UC/CSU "C" requirement

How can mathematics be applied to your life in interesting, enjoyable, and meaningful ways? This course will show students how! Students will advance deductive reasoning through explorations, conjecturing, generalizing, justifying, and repeated reasoning using games, graphs, fractals, counting and cryptography. Students will see how mathematics can solve authentic problems that apply to their lives.

Math Analysis Honors (M410)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Math Analysis H)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Integrated Math 3, Algebra 2 or Algebra 2 Honors

Meets the UC/CSU "C" requirement

Students will develop higher level mathematical thinking through collaboration, intellectual curiosity, and math appreciation. Students will explore trigonometry, vectors, polar coordinates, complex numbers, logarithm and exponential functions, rational functions, limits of functions, and derivatives of polynomials. The course will prepare students for higher level math classes either at Mission Vista or in college.

AP Statistics (M405)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: AP Statistics)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Math Analysis Honors or Pre-Calculus

Meets the UC/CSU "C" requirement

Colleges are emphasizing the value of entering students having a background in Statistics. Statistics students will learn how to analyze and interpret data from sports, business, science, health, education and other fields. Topics of study include surveys, experiments, correlation, probability and inference. Course requires more reading, analysis, and writing than previous math courses; pacing is fast and the course requires a strong math background.

AP Calculus A/B (M440)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: AP Calculus AB)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Math Analysis Honors or Pre-Calculus

Meets the UC/CSU "C" requirement

Referred to as the study of change, students will investigate three big ideas: limits, derivatives and integrals, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Students will be asked to think critically and collaborate with others in order to innovatively solve problems. They will be asked to explain their results using precise mathematical justifications.

Students who pass the AP Calculus AB exam may be able to earn college credit for Calculus 1, which is required at most universities for many physics, engineering, science, and business classes.

AP Calculus B/C (M445)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: AP Calculus BC)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of AP Calculus A/B (It is Strongly Suggested to take both classes in the same academic year)

Meets the UC/CSU "C" requirement

This course is excellent for future engineers, not to mention anyone who plans on studying any type of STEM subject. Business majors will also benefit. This course picks up where Calc AB leaves off, and goes even deeper on derivatives and integrals. Series, maclaurin and taylor, are a significant part of the course. Other interesting topics include the calculus of vectors, parametric equations and polar functions. An opportunity to take the AP exam and possibly earn college credit.

Math Department Support Elective

The course below is Math Department Support Elective. It does count toward Math graduation requirements but does not count toward Math UC/CSU admission requirements.

Quantitative Reasoning (M690)

(Abbr. Transcript Title: Qnt Res)

Prerequisite: Students will be placed into this class by site administrators

Students will be empowered to be confident problem solvers through the development of the habits of mind and the mathematical practice standards. Students will be taught base level knowledge of logic, modeling with and of mathematics, arithmetic properties, geometric properties and statistical and probability reasoning. This course is designed as a support class for students to master skills prior to Integrated Math 1.