Please be aware of the following:

  • 'D/F' grades impact 4-year college eligibility
  • 'F' grades impact high school graduation

MVHS Credit Recovery and Remediation Guidelines:

  • If you earn a 'D/F' you will have the options to repeat the course at MVHS:
    • Full term class (10 credits) on a space-available basis
    • Semester only (5 credits) by approved exception on a space-available basis
  • Students will be given one opportunity to retake a class that they failed on the MVHS campus if space is available and the schedule can be properly accommodated.
  • If a student fails a class twice on the MVHS Campus they must retake the course though Edgenuity, Adult Education credit recovery program, or other MVHS approved accredited institutions. Written contact and/or Off Campus Approval Forms must be completed in advance.
  • If a student fails a class on the MVHS campus and is not successful in the completion of the Edgenuity credit recovery course at MVHS, they must complete the course off campus through the Adult Education credit recovery program or other MVHS approved accredited institution. Written contact and/or Off Campus Approval Forms mist be completed in advance.


Remediation within Mission Vista High School

Edgenuity is the district's online curriculum program

  • Requires a signed contract & course completion in 8 weeks
  • Is a scheduled class; attendance required
  • Student is also expected to:
    • Work outside of classroom on assignments
    • Seek out support as necessary from on campus subject area teachers
    • Provide parent with username/password information to help monitor progress

Alternative Education Program within Vista Unified School District

  • Vista Visions Academy
    • Vista Visions is an alternative approach to education in grades 6-12
    • VVA offers an online program with support from content area teachers
    • VVA students have the opportunity to help design their approach to coursework and credit completion

Outside of MVHS: Remediation with Charter and Online Schools

These schools are not affiliated with Vista Unified. Options shown are without implied or intended endorsement. All aspects of involvement (scheduling, communications, fees) along with verifying course approval ('a-g', college, NCAA, etc) are the responsibility of the student and their family. You must have classes pre-approved using the 'VUSD Off-Campus Course Approval' form. Students should discuss plans with their assigned counselor prior to enrollment.

Remediation with Community College

High school students may consider taking community college courses for high school credit (with some classes counting as college prep). However, you must have classes pre-approved using the VUSD Off Campus Course Approval Form. Be aware that there will be a cost to take the class. In addition to the VUSD paperwork, each college has its own registration process, forms, and assessment tests to be allowed to enroll. Course opportunities may be limited. If considering Community College, please first contact the college for their enrollment requirements and course options: