Student Empowerment

We believe in our students' ability to manage all of their business in Counseling without the help or intervention of their parents. To that end we urge parents to, whenever possible, allow your student to take the lead in all school related business. Our office is built around student access, and their active self-advocacy will help to promote their development into capable and confident adults.

Academic Support

The Mission Vista High School Counseling Center strives to provide support to all students to succeed and thrive in high school and beyond. Counselors meet with students frequently throughout the school year both in large group presentations and also in focused small group settings and individual conferences.

The Counseling staff work with students to improve and maintain grades and classroom success, course planning and registration, planning and preparation for college, and career exploration.

Emotional Health

While the Counseling Center's primary purpose is academic programming and motivation, and college and career guidance, we also exist to provide for the social and emotional needs of all students.

Students are allowed to share any information with the Counselor that they wish to share, and that information will remain confidential between the Counselor and student except in situations where the Counselor has reason to believe that the student or someone the student knows is a victim of abuse; is in danger of harming themselves; or is planning to harm another person. In those cases the Counselor is bound by law to report such situations, but will continue to provide support to the student throughout the ensuing process.

Counselor Access

Mission Vista's Counseling Center strives to maintain an open-door policy to all students throughout the day. To that end, we ask that parents schedule appointments in advance by email or phone, as unscheduled visits limit Counseling staff from being available to serve students' needs. (If a crisis situation exists that prevents the scheduling of an appointment, Counseling staff will meet with drop-in parents as time is available.)

Students or parents with questions or concerns can contact Counselors most efficiently by email. Due to the open atmosphere of the Counseling office, phone calls are usually difficult and inefficient. Students and Parents may also complete the online Counseling Request Form and Counselors will contact you. If your questions are in regard to scheduling issues, please complete the the online Schedule Change Request.

Our Departmental Message to students:

This is important!

You can do it!

We won't give up on you!