College and Career Center

The College and Career Center is located in the Counseling Center and is designed to provide students with information concerning colleges, careers, scholarships and post-graduation options.

Services offered include:

  • Career and college exploration

  • SAT and ACT information and tutorials to help students practice their skills

  • Presentations by college representatives

  • Information on careers/career speakers

  • Work permits

Counseling Center

Students are assigned to Counselors by grade level. Counselors advise students on educational goals, course planning, college and career planning and personal issues. Counselors also do group presentations and individual counseling and are available to help students with school and personal issues and to consult with student's teachers and parents.

Mission Vista's Counseling Center strives to maintain an open-door policy to all students throughout the day. To that end, we ask that parents schedule appointments in advance by email or phone, as unscheduled visits limit Counseling staff from being available to serve students' needs. (If a crisis situation exists that prevents the scheduling of an appointment, Counseling staff will meet with drop-in parents as time is available.)

Students are allowed to share any information with the Counselor that they wish to share, and that information will remain confidential between the Counselor and student except in situations where the Counselor has reason to believe that the student or someone the student knows is a victim of abuse; is in danger of harming themselves; or is planning to harm another person. In those cases the Counselor is bound by law to report such situations, but will continue to provide support to the student throughout the ensuing process.

Course Change Guidelines

  • Students may see their assigned Counselor to make adjustments to their course schedule during the first two weeks (10 school days) of each term only.
  • Students may see their assigned Counselor to make level changes only (i.e. Algebra 2 H to Algebra 2) during the third week (days 11-15) of each term by submitting a completed Change of Course Waiver to their assigned Counselor no later than day 15 of each term.
  • After week three (day 16) of each term students will not be able to make ANY schedule changes. Students and parents may elect to drop a class (without replacing it) and will receive a withdrawal/fail, "W/F", for that course on their official transcript.