Missed Picture Day? Don't like your pose?

If your student was unable to attend registration days and still needs to take their school picture, please attend picture retakes scheduled for...

Monday, September 28th from 2:30 - 6 pm in the Mission Vista High School gym.

If your student did take a picture and you would like to see their photograph to determine if a retake is necessary, you will need your Code to see them.  You can find the codes in one of these ways...  

  • Parents can get these from the packages delivered to the school
  • Call the Lifetouch customer service open M-F 5a-5p at (800) 736-4753
  • Live chatting mylifetouch.com  to get their codes - chat link is in lower left hand corner of our homepage - open M-F 5a-5p
For any additional questions, please contact Assistant Principal, Genevieve Clark at [email protected]

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