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MVHS Basketball Player Featured in the Union Tribune
Posted 2/4/19

Jaida Garrett gets a feature story in the UT! 

Union Tribune ~Terry Monahan; 12/13/2018


Besides her sneakers, one thing you’ll always find in Jaida Garrett’s car is a basketball.


The daughter of former Oceanside High football-basketball star Jerry Garrett is prepared for anything.


“You never know when a basketball game will break out,” the 5-foot-4 senior point guard at Mission Vista High said with a giggle. “My basketball friends understand my feeling about basketball.

“My non-basketball friends don’t understand that I’d rather be in the gym instead of at the mall or on the beach with friends.”


Garrett believes her friends would understand her love for basketball better if they saw how she plays the game.

It’s not just for fun. Basketball is her passion.


“This is what I want to do,” Garrett said. “I want to get to the next level and the only way for me to play in college is to put in the time now.”


~continued at the UT~


Monahan is a freelance writer.


See the whole article here [link to UT]